Spinning Group Projects

April 11, 2017 Category: ,

The spinning group had so much fun with the Shetland Blanket Project — and the results were so beautiful — that we’ve initiated another project, this one with a locally grown, champaign colored alpaca fleece from Mac and Ann McKercher’s farm.  The yarn is almost all spun and we are currently mulling over weaving patterns for a ruana (poncho that is split in front).  We ask that all yarn from this project be brought in to the studio by the August second Saturday spinning group.

We’ve also obtained a Romney/Lincoln/Corriedale fleece from Marie Glaesemann’s flock for our 2018 (yes, we’re thinking ahead!) spinning project.  The fleece is white and quite lustrous and will take natural dyes beautifully!  Because summer is the prime time to forage for natural dyes, 2 ounce portions of this fleece will be available beginning on May 13.  There are no restrictions as to color or technique: it can be “dyed in the wool” or spun into yarn and then dyed.  We only ask that you use naturally occurring dye stuff (not Rit or other man made dyes).  If you are not inclined to dye, you can bring the spun, white yarn to the studio and a non-spinner will have the opportunity to dye it – which will allow others to join in the fun!  Also, any fleece not claimed by a spinner by the September general meeting will be available for dyeing by a non-spinner.  We’re shooting for a wide variety of colors – for whatever project seems appropriate once all the yarn in spun and dyed!

Since these projects are financed and created primarily by the members of the spinning group, the spinners have decided that the finished product should be raffled among those who worked on it.  Everyone who contributed to the Shetland blanket — spinning, weaving, or warping the loom — is entitled to put his or her name into the lottery.  The labeled raffle container, along with slips of paper for names, will be located on the hallway shelf opposite the bulletin board outside the studio.  The drawing will be held on June 10th at the spinning group second Saturday.  If you can’t get to the studio to put your name in the proverbial hat, please contact Barb or Louise and we can get your name in — we don’t want to leave anyone who worked on the blanket out of the lottery!

In September, we’ll be ready to start constructing the garment with our alpaca yarn and will call for volunteers weavers to help.  Remember, anyone who helps will have a chance to win the finished piece!