Raffle for Email Newsletter Subscribers

October 9, 2017 Category:

The guild’s 2017-8 budget includes $900 for newsletters — that’s almost one fifth of our entire budget which goes to printing and mailing the newsletter.  Notice that I said printing and mailing — the e-newsletter costs the guild virtually nothing!  So those of you who subscribe to the email newsletter are actually saving the guild a big chunk of money.  In order to show our appreciation of your paper and money saving decision, the guild will be having a raffle drawing for those members who subscribe exclusively to the e-newsletter.  This is the easiest raffle you’ll ever enter: no money to buy tickets — you won’t even have to fill out a ticket as we’ll take the names off the membership list!  The drawing will be held at the December meeting and the lucky winner will be able to choose $50 of yarn from the studio stash!

If you’ve already renewed your membership and are not an “EE” (exclusive email) subscriber, there’s still time to change to EE!  Just email me (Louise Young) at [email protected] and say “email only please!”  The drawing will include every member with an email subscription as of Dec. 3.  Don’t miss out on your chance for $50 of free yarn!!