Guild Portfolio

Hand spun yarn

Artist: Kathy Thorene

2 ply yarn (on left) and singles yarn (on right).

Lace shawl knitted by Louise Young

Lace shawl

Artist: Louise Young

Lace shawl knitted with handspun Shetland wool

27 NEST Sweater

Artist: Louise Young

Handspun fleece from 27 Northern European Short Tail breeds of sheep. Hand knit sweater is based on a 19th century Swedish design

Hand Woven Basket

Hand Spun Yarn

Artist: Tracy Griggs

2 ply Corriedale wool

Woven wall hanging

Artist: Marianne Torntore

Hand woven on a small tray using handspun yarn.

Temperature scarf

Artist: Judy McLaughlin

This scarf was handknit to visualize climate data from Seattle, WA, in 1968 (December on left and January on right). Two rows were knit each day for a year, using an assigned color to represent the high temperature of the day.

Hand Dyed Wool

Artist: Susan Dolph

100% wool, handspun and hand dyed.

Sculptable fabric bowls

Artist: Various Guild members

Created at our 2019 By-Member, For-Member sessions.

Felted yarn bowls

Artist: Terry Hamp

Naturally dyed white fleece

Artist: Louise Young

Fair Isle sweater

Artist: Louise Young

Fair Isle sweater of hand spun Shetland dyed with natural dyes.  There are 13 colors of yarn in this sweater!

Handspun, handwoven alpaca ruana

Artist: Various Guild members

Houndstooth bag

Artist: Tracy Griggs

100% wool, woven on a rigid heddle loom.


Artist: Sue Brown

Rag rug placemats using log cabin pattern.

Viking Longhouse (old-style dwelling) made with nålbinding

Artist: Sharon Wichman

Felt horse (Swedish Dala Häst)

Artist: Donna Forbes

This was created in a virtual workshop with the Nordic Center in Duluth, MN. They had an exhibit called “A Dala a Day”.

8 harness cotton towels

Artist: Beverly Martin

Fibonacci sequence scarf

Artist: Susan Betz

Woven on a rigid heddle loom with wool and acrylic.

Turned twill towels by Barb Dwinell

Turned twill towels

Artist: Barb Dwinell

Turned twill towels in several shades of hand dyed indigo cotton.

Shetland lace shawl

Artist: Louise Young

Detail of traditional Shetland lace shawl, hand spun and hand knit. The shawl used 4000 yards of yarn and weighs in at a quarter of an ounce

Paper Play

Sampler woven with paper fiber.

Harmony rocks

Artist: Terry Hamp

Japanese knots on Lake Superior Rocks. Harmony Rocks are pleasing and peaceful, interweaving, meant to create a sense of tranquility during these discordant and confusing times.


Artist: Tracy Griggs

Woven on a rigid heddle loom with 8/4 cotton rug warp and mop cotton as weft.

Wool shirt

Artist: Louise Young

Hand spun and hand woven

Paper Quilled flowers

Artist: Terry Hamp

Sprang pouch

Artist: Sharon Wichman

This photo illustrates how stretchy sprang fabric is, even while on the loom.

Knitted cowl

Artist: Judy McLaughlin

Fingerless mitts

Artist: Marian Syrjamaki-Kuchta

Knit from hand dyed alpaca yarn.

Handknit socks

Artist: Judy McLaughlin

Woodpecker transparency weaving

Artist: Cynthia Betzler

A 22″ x 40″ transparency using 8/1 tow for warp and 6/1 for weft. Old wool hooking rags were used for the design.

Twill towel by Chris Jenkins

Twill towel

Artist: Chris Jenkins

Twill towel in linen with hemp weft

27 NEST Blanket

Artist: Louise Young

Handspun fleece from 27 Northern European Short Tail breeds of sheep. Blanket hand woven in Shadow Weave.

Wool batts

Artist: Terry Hamp

Mug rugs

Artist: Donna Forbes

Woven in overshot with 10/2 cotton as part of a “Color in Weaving” workshop.

Knit shawl

Artist: Ruth Schmidt-Baeumler

This was knit from gray alpaca and black cotton and it is very warm!

Nuno felting

Artist: Various Guild members

One day project by Felting Study Group members.

Handspun and Handwoven

Artist: Louise Young

Shirt handwoven from handspun organic color grown cotton using a backstrap loom.

Spinning cotton on a support spindle

Artist: Jazmin Hicks-Dahl

Hand Combed Top

Artist: Tracy Griggs

Blended merino wool and sari silk.

Tatting sampler

Artist: Marcia Anderson

Created with a small shuttle and thread to produce lace, tatting is a very portable and versatile craft.

Twill study placemats

Artist: Joan Weyandt

Made with one warp of 5/2 cotton, each placemat has a different 4 shaft twill pattern from Davidson’s green book.

Ikat dish towel

Artist: Jazmin Hicks-Dahl

Inspired by vintage Japanese kasuri kimono fabric from Gallery Kei, both warp and weft of 40/2 linen were dyed in an indigo fermentation vat.