Guild Portfolio

Ikat dish towel

Artist: Jazmin Hicks-Dahl

Inspired by vintage Japanese kasuri kimono fabric from Gallery Kei, both warp and weft of 40/2 linen were dyed in an indigo fermentation vat.

Knit shawl

Artist: Ruth Schmidt-Baeumler

This was knit from gray alpaca and black cotton and it is very warm!

Lace shawl knitted by Louise Young

Lace shawl

Artist: Louise Young

Lace shawl knitted with handspun Shetland wool


Artist: Sue Brown

Rag rug placemats using log cabin pattern.

Hand spun yarn

Artist: Kathy Thorene

2 ply yarn (on left) and singles yarn (on right).

Twill towel by Chris Jenkins

Twill towel

Artist: Chris Jenkins

Twill towel in linen with hemp weft

Handspun and Handwoven

Artist: Louise Young

Shirt handwoven from handspun organic color grown cotton using a backstrap loom.

Harmony rocks

Artist: Terry Hamp

Japanese knots on Lake Superior Rocks. Harmony Rocks are pleasing and peaceful, interweaving, meant to create a sense of tranquility during these discordant and confusing times.

Fingerless mitts

Artist: Marian Syrjamaki-Kuchta

Knit from hand dyed alpaca yarn.

Houndstooth bag

Artist: Tracy Griggs

100% wool, woven on a rigid heddle loom.

Felt horse (Swedish Dala Häst)

Artist: Donna Forbes

This was created in a virtual workshop with the Nordic Center in Duluth, MN. They had an exhibit called “A Dala a Day”.

Felted yarn bowls

Artist: Terry Hamp

Hand Woven Basket

Viking Longhouse (old-style dwelling) made with nålbinding

Artist: Sharon Wichman

Hand Spun Yarn

Artist: Tracy Griggs

2 ply Corriedale wool

Spinning cotton on a support spindle

Artist: Jazmin Hicks-Dahl

Woodpecker transparency weaving

Artist: Cynthia Betzler

A 22″ x 40″ transparency using 8/1 tow for warp and 6/1 for weft. Old wool hooking rags were used for the design.

Paper Quilled flowers

Artist: Terry Hamp

Hand Combed Top

Artist: Tracy Griggs

Blended merino wool and sari silk.

Handknit socks

Artist: Judy McLaughlin

Sprang pouch

Artist: Sharon Wichman

This photo illustrates how stretchy sprang fabric is, even while on the loom.

Hand Dyed Wool

Artist: Susan Dolph

100% wool, handspun and hand dyed.

Woven wall hanging

Artist: Marianne Torntore

Hand woven on a small tray using handspun yarn.

27 NEST Sweater

Artist: Louise Young

Handspun fleece from 27 Northern European Short Tail breeds of sheep. Hand knit sweater is based on a 19th century Swedish design

8 harness cotton towels

Artist: Beverly Martin

Twill study placemats

Artist: Joan Weyandt

Made with one warp of 5/2 cotton, each placemat has a different 4 shaft twill pattern from Davidson’s green book.

Wool shirt

Artist: Louise Young

Hand spun and hand woven

Nuno felting

Artist: Various Guild members

One day project by Felting Study Group members.

Turned twill towels by Barb Dwinell

Turned twill towels

Artist: Barb Dwinell

Turned twill towels in several shades of hand dyed indigo cotton.

Tatting sampler

Artist: Marcia Anderson

Created with a small shuttle and thread to produce lace, tatting is a very portable and versatile craft.

27 NEST Blanket

Artist: Louise Young

Handspun fleece from 27 Northern European Short Tail breeds of sheep. Blanket hand woven in Shadow Weave.

Mug rugs

Artist: Donna Forbes

Woven in overshot with 10/2 cotton as part of a “Color in Weaving” workshop.

Shetland lace shawl

Artist: Louise Young

Detail of traditional Shetland lace shawl, hand spun and hand knit. The shawl used 4000 yards of yarn and weighs in at a quarter of an ounce

Fair Isle sweater

Artist: Louise Young

Fair Isle sweater of hand spun Shetland dyed with natural dyes.  There are 13 colors of yarn in this sweater!

Paper Play

Sampler woven with paper fiber.

Naturally dyed white fleece

Artist: Louise Young

Handspun, handwoven alpaca ruana

Artist: Various Guild members

Knitted cowl

Artist: Judy McLaughlin


Artist: Tracy Griggs

Woven on a rigid heddle loom with 8/4 cotton rug warp and mop cotton as weft.

Sculptable fabric bowls

Artist: Various Guild members

Created at our 2019 By-Member, For-Member sessions.

Wool batts

Artist: Terry Hamp

Fibonacci sequence scarf

Artist: Susan Betz

Woven on a rigid heddle loom with wool and acrylic.

Temperature scarf

Artist: Judy McLaughlin

This scarf was handknit to visualize climate data from Seattle, WA, in 1968 (December on left and January on right). Two rows were knit each day for a year, using an assigned color to represent the high temperature of the day.