Flax Project Update

May 1, 2017 Category: ,

Despite the gorgeous weather outside, we had an awesome turnout for Bruce Engebretson’s presentation on flax.  We were all amazed to see him turn straw into the most beautiful, long line flax fiber I have ever seen, and we’re definitely primed to perform some of that magic this summer and into fall!  Flax seed packets are now available at the studio — again, we would ask you to sign in if you are taking a packet.  We have seeds to spare now (they’re just not in little plastic bags) — so if we run out of packets, let us know and we’ll get the seeds packaged in another substance (probably biodegradable!).

We are also collecting a wealth of information on growing, processing, spinning, and weaving flax.  Spin Off magazine published an e-book that they distributed free on flax — there are two copies of that on the magazine table in the library, along with two memory cards with the e-book (you can download the e-book from the memory cards, then return the cards to library — the advantage is that the photos will be in color!).  Also at the library is Stephanie Gaustad’s book on spinning cotton, hemp, and flax.  Right now it’s not part of the library’s official collection so everyone is on the honor system with that.  We’ll also be obtaining a large, hard covered book on linen (from flax seed to woven cloth) that Bruce highly recommended.  Finally, I took copious notes during Bruce’s presentation.  I’ll be sending him my notes so he can check to make sure I didn’t mess up (you know me!) and once he returns the copy, that will be available via email — I’ll let you know when!

Bruce also said he would return in the fall to help us process the flax!  Get your seed beds ready — it’s going to be an exciting summer!

Download Notes from the Flax Presentation by Bruce Engebertson