Equipment Rental

Spinning wheels, available to rent.

  • Equipment is available for rent to Duluth Fiber Handcrafters Guild members only.
  • Equipment is rented for a one month period and may be renewed for a 2nd month if the equipment is not needed by the Guild or another guild member.
  • All rentals must be prepaid. If the rental period is extended, that period must also be prepaid.
  • A refundable deposit must be paid and a rental agreement completed (with a viable email address) and signed. The deposit check will not be cashed and will be kept on file with the rental agreement.
  • If equipment has not been returned after 60 days, the Studio Manager will send the renter one email as a reminder. If the Studio Manager receives no response, the deposit check will be cashed. When equipment is returned renter will receive a refund of deposit minus any accrued rent.
  • Rental transactions must take place with the Studio Manager or other designated person.
  • Rental fees are waived if equipment is being used for educational or demonstration purposes unless a 3rd party is available to pay fee. Renter must pay the deposit and return equipment in a timely manner after the event.
  • Members may rent a floor loom for use in the Studio. Date of rental begins on the day that warp is rolled on. Members are responsible for keeping track of their rental time and report it to the Studio Manager at the time that rent is paid.
  • Members may use other equipment and accessories for short periods of time in the Studio without paying a fee. This applies to items such as the warping boards and reels, drum carders, rag cutters, spinning wheels, carders, drop spindles, etc.
  • The picker and the new Majacraft Fusion engine drum carder may only be used in the Studio. And may only be used after instruction from a knowledgeable member.

Download rental agreement

Rental Equipment and Fees

Item Rental Deposit
Kessenich (4 harness) Table Loom $25 $200
Mountain (8 harness) Table Loom $25 $300
Rigid Heddle Loom (old) $10 $60
Schacht Cricket 15” Rigid Heddle Loom with reeds $25 $200
Ashford SampleT Rigid Heddle Loom with reeds $25 $200
Spinning Wheels (except the Rose) $25 $100
Majacraft Rose Spinning Wheel $35 $200
Drop Spindle $10 $30
Drum Carder   (additional $50 if returned unclean) $30 $100
Box of Hand Carders (9 Pair) $50 $150
Pair of Hand Carders $10 $30
Indigo Hound Viking Combs and pad $25 $100
Schacht Cotton Carders Curved Back $25 $100
Warping Board or Warping Reel $10 $50
Louet Spinning Bobbins $10 $50
Tapestry Loom $20 $60
Inkle Loom $10 $50
Kumihimo Braid Loom and Bobbins $20 $100
Rope Maker $10 $30
Bond Knitting Machine $10 $50
Boat Shuttles $10 $30
Fringe Braider $5 $10
Rag Cutter $20 $50
Fiber studio floor loom $10/week, $40/month none