By Member for Member

By Member for Member class days are one of the member benefits of the Duluth Fiber and Handcrafters Guild.

By Member for Member classes are held annually, typically during the month of February.

2019 Classes

February 2, 2019
DFHG Studio, Duluth Depot

Morning Sessions
9:00 am-11:30 am

Sculptable Fabric Bowls with Patt Berntsen
Make two sculptable bowls out of your fabric—you can make two 12 inch bowls, one 12 inch and one 9 inch bowl, a 12 inch bowl and two 6 inch bowls OR as many circles as you can fit on your 12 x 24 inch piece of wire mesh! Please bring 1/3 yd of fabric A and 1/3 yard of fabric B (contrasting or complimentary). (The pattern calls for wool felt but I used hand painted cotton and it worked beautifully.) Bring a craft scissors to cut the wire if you have them or we will share mine. Materials fee: $5.00. Class is limited to 7 participants.

Inkle Loom Weaving with Kathy Thorene
Come and weave a guitar strap, a hippy belt, or a leash for your dog in a colorful pattern on a pre-warped inkle loom. Class is limited to 5 participants.

Lunch Break
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Bring a bag lunch or plan to eat out.

Afternoon Sessions
12:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Eco Printing on Silk with Theresa Hornstein
Students in the class will learn the basics of ecoprinting—what it is, which plant materials work best, the role of mordants, and modifiers and the basic process. Participants will go home with a scarf bundled with plants and ready to be finished in your oven at home. If you have any plants at home with dark leaves or flowers, please feel free to bring them. Other plant material and all other supplies will be provided. Materials fee: $7.00. Class is limited to 10 participants.

Swedish Two-end Knitting (also called Twined Knitting) with Teresa Clayton
Learn how to do Two-end (or Twined) Knitting, a traditional Scandinavian knitting technique dating back to at least the 17th Century in Sweden. Traditionally, the two-ends of one ball of yarn are used. Bring two balls of yarn in different colors and circular knitting needles. Class is limited to 6 participants.

All Day Session
9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Knit (or Crochet) to Fit with Christine Hensolt
Students will learn:

  • How to make a personal foundation pattern that fits your size.
  • How to calculate the amount of stitches and rows to cast on, increase, decrease, and cast off to fit your pattern. c) How to change your foundation pattern into a fashion pattern.

Please bring a measuring tape, notebook, yarn and needles. Class is limited to 10 participants.

2018 Classes

The following classes were offered at the February 3, 2018 By Member for Member class day.

  • Serendipitous Knitting & Crocheting with Sue Brown
  • Crocheted Rag Rugs with Theresa Hornstein
  • Card Weaving with Teresa Clayton
  • Wet Felted Luminaries with Cindy Ericksmoen

2017 Classes

The following classes were offered at the February 4, 2017 By Member for Member class day.

  • Paint a Picture in Wool with Dawn Bendiske
  • SAORI-style Art Weaving with Kathy Thorene
  • Hand Sewing Skill—A Stitch in Time Saves Nine with Carol Colburn
  • Machine Knitting a Garment to Fit with Dave Kortier
  • Natural Dyeing with Theresa Hornstein
  • Temari Balls with Christine Hensolt

2016 Classes

The following classes were offered at the February 6, 2016 By Member for Member class day.

  • Continuous Weave on a Pot Holder with Dawn Bendiske
  • Double Knitting Sampler Scarf with Sarah Hanson
  • Spindle Spinning with Louise Young
  • Machine Knitting Demo with Dave Kortier
  • Basket Weaving Fiber Art Tote with Cindy Ericksmoen