2016 Guild Challenge: Scavenger Hunt

May 3, 2016 Category:

For Display at the Lake Superior Harvest Festival

Step 1:

ACCEPT your mission by making a declaration of participation! (Have your name added to the official 2016 Guild Challenge list in the Studio.) Congratulations! You have now committed to completing a project in time for display at the Lake Superior Harvest Festival on Saturday, September 10th. You may either bring your finished piece with you to the Guild demonstration site at the Harvest Festival that morning or, if you do not plan to participate in the festival, you may drop your project off at the Depot during open Studio hours on or before Saturday, August 13th.

Step 2:

START SCAVENGING! Do you have a favorite nature trail, hiking path, or urban route you like to walk? Keep your eyes peeled for found objects during your pedestrian travels. You may also scavenge through the old junk drawer, tool box, storage shed…you get the idea. Once you have enough found materials gathered together, you are ready for your mission!

Step 3:

CREATE! That’s right, do what you do best. Incorporate the found and scavenged objects into your favorite fiber activities or use them to make practical or whimsical fiber tools. Give your work a name in keeping with your adventure. And, that’s it, mission accomplished!