Equipment Rental

Spinning wheels, available to rent.

Equipment is available to current paid Guild members. You are encouraged to use this equipment.

  • Equipment is rented for a one month period and may be renewed for a maximum of three months if the equipment is not needed by the Guild or another guild member.
  • All rentals must be prepaid. If the rental period is extended, that period must also be prepaid.
  • A refundable deposit must be paid with a separate check which will be held until the equipment is returned in good working order.
  • The rental agreement must be completed and signed. A copy of the agreement will be held at the studio; a duplicate form will be given to the renter.
  • Rental transactions will take place at the monthly Guild meetings or by contacting the current Equipment Manager.
  • Rental fees are waived if equipment is being used for educational purposes. However the deposit must be paid and will be held until equipment is returned.
  • Any of the items listed below can be used for less than a day without charge in the Fiber Studio by Guild members. (with the exception of the floor looms)

Rental Equipment and Fees

 Item  Rental Deposit
Kessenich Table Loom 4 Harness $20 $100
Mountain Loom Table Loom 8 Harness $20 $100
Klik Table Loom 16 Harness $20 $60
Rigid Heddle Loom $20 $60
Harrisville Warping Board $10 $30
Fiber studio computer loom $15/week, $50/month none
Fiber studio floor loom $10/week, $30/month none
Tapestry Loom $20 $60
Inkle Loom $10 $20
Ashford Traditional or Traveler Spinning Wheel $20 $80
Majacraft Pioneer Spinning Wheel $30 $100
Patrick Green Drum Carder (additional $50 if returned unclean) $30 $100
Hand Carder (pair) $10 $30
Kumihimo Braid Loom & 8 Bobbins $20 $80
Silk Steamer $15 $60
Rope Maker $10 $20
Bond Knitting Machine $10 $20
Rag Cutter $25 $100